Hello to all budding vetlings and travelers, Jess here,  aka ‘The  Baby-vet!’ First and foremost, welcome!  Thank you for stumbling across my website, I hope you stay a while and have a look around!

This site covers a diverse range of topics which I hope will help fellow and future vets, those who crave adventure and provide tips for tackling life if you’re a career driven woman like myself and want to have your cake and eat it too! By this I mean for all those ladies out there who don’t want to have to choose between their business/ career and everything else in their life because I believe we don’t have to!

I am passionate about my career as a vet, caring for all creatures great and small in the North of England but when I’m not living the James Heriot life, I’m focusing on living life to the full; traveling the globe, looking after my mind, body and soul, chasing amazing experiences and being the best Jess I can be! Look no further for travel tips and guides to suit every budget, a sneak peak into life as a vet and advise on maintaining that work-life balance.

The aim of this blog and the reason behind it’s creation is to be an advocate for sustainable, responsible and ethical travel experiences. I plan to use my veterinary degree to research, inform and promote companies who are doing their bit and giving back to our planet to make it easier for you guys to know where your money is going and to give you peace of mind during your adventures. I also plan to document my journey through the relatable highs and lows of being a 21st century woman with a career and wanting more (because, let’s not just put all our eggs in one basket right!?). My ambition is to create a place to provide advice and solidarity for this increasing movement of amazing ambassadorial ladies. **Gentlemen are of course entirely welcome – I am an equalist after all, but people say to write what you know so that’s what I’m doing!**

I began my blog in 2016 as a hobby and since then I am amazed at how much my little community has grown and how many people I’ve been able to help via this platform which is truly a fantastic outcome I could never have imagined! This blog is my passion project and through it, I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies and brands and on this journey I have had some amazing experiences and gained so much new knowledge through pursuing these opportunities. I want to create a community of ambassadors to drive change, influence ethical tourism and most of all, encourage exploration of our fantastic earth!

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The Baby-vet x

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