Ey'up!! I’m Jess, a baby vet at Liverpool University and lover of all creatures, no matter how weird or wonderful! After surviving my third year of vet school and officially getting past half way through my degree, I decided to lose my blog virginity in celebration and have since then never looked back!

I’m a Yorkshire lass who stands at a towering 5ft 2 inches tall. I can talk the ear off a brick wall and I'm a strong believer that a good brew can solve almost anything! I'm quite the country bumpkin; I love riding, walking my crazy mutt Fred and generally being outdoors. I am charity shop queen, keen baker and love to stick my nose in a good book!

I am a passionate adventurer, cheap-skate and organisation freak, so hoped with this blog I could put these qualities to good use and give advice to fellow like-minded people! I hope someone out there finds this useful (or at the very least can laugh at my misadventures)!


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Much Love!


The Baby-vet x


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(because in this day and age it's important to cover your back!)

All the posts and articles on Travels of a Baby-vet are my own work. There are a couple of collaborations but any authors other than myself are stated within these posts.

I am new to the photography gig and in older posts a number of friends with better cameras took some of the shots, any photos which are NOT mine are highlighted then and there and permission for use by myself has been granted by photo owners. All other photos are my own unless stated otherwise and  ALL photos on this site should not be used by others without explicit written permission.

I may write about my experiences on certain tours, courses, accommodation etc, some of which may have been sponsored or discounted. However this has NOT influenced my opinion and all writings are a genuine representation of my thoughts.

Everything I write is from personal experience so you may find yourself disagreeing with me (I'm cool with that) or your experiences may be vastly different to my own. I am also not one to shy away from voicing my opinion on things so I apologise in advance if it offends anyone, I try my best to be diplomatic!

If you have any questions about the content of my site, want to request permission for photo or content use or have a general comment about anything you see here feel free to contact me.