Jessica French

I’m Jess, a baby vet at Liverpool University and lover of all creatures, no matter how weird or wonderful! After surviving my third year of vet school and officially getting past half way through my degree, I decided to lose my blog virginity in celebration and have since then never looked back! I’m a Yorkshire lass who stands at a towering 5ft 2 inches tall. I can talk the ear off a brick wall and I'm a strong believer that a good brew can solve almost anything! I'm quite the country bumpkin; I love riding, walking my crazy mutt Fred and generally being outdoors. I am charity shop queen, keen baker and love to stick my nose in a good book! I am a passionate adventurer, cheap-skate and organisation freak, so hoped with this blog I could put these qualities to good use and give advice to fellow like-minded people! I hope someone out there finds this useful (or at the very least can laugh at my misadventures)!

Why The Jaguar Rescue Centre Should Be on Your Hit List On Your Next Visit to Costa Rica

Containing roughly 5% of the earth’s wildlife, Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. With stats like that, in addition to the pristine beaches and excellent reputation for outdoor pursuits, it’s no wonder tourists flock to Costa Rica to experience these spectacular draws first-hand. On our recent visit, being animal…