A Cheeky Bit of Self-promotion!

I'm a keen free-lance writer, I love commissioning pieces for others in my spare time and I'm always keen for people to get in touch with new ideas, or for me to write for them! .
This page features some of my free-lance articles and also the awards I've been fortunate enough to win during my short career as a blogger. I have thus far been lucky enough to win the 'Blogger's Recognition Award' and the 'Liebster Award' twice!!

I have done a fair bit of collaborative writing for Veterinary magazines and written a few travel pieces which I found a real passion for.

If you would like to feature some of my work or would like to approach me about writing a freelance article for you or your company, get in touch at travelsofababyvet@outlook.com.

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Blogger's Recognition Award 2017

Liebster Awards 2017

Check out my acceptances here....


Blogger Recognition Award

People I’ve Worked With

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In the Pipeline…

People I am set to work with on up and coming trips ....

Wander Article; Budapest; Beyond the Bars and Booze!

Another freelance article published by the fantastic site Wander. Inspired by a recent girl's holiday to Eastern Europe! Budapest is well known for it's booze, bars and "boys on tour" I wanted to shed light on the other fantastic things to do there!

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Traveling Lifestyle Article; Feeding your Soul and your Stomach in Budapest

Another freelance article aimed at the fellow foodies like myself! This is a compendium of culinary sensations that you must try while in this fantastic city!

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GoGo Budget Travel Article ….Why the Taj Mahal Should be on Everyone’s Bucket List

So I was approached to write a cheeky free-lance post for GoGo Budget Travel, a fab website providing tips for travellers, written by travellers. When planning your next trip check these guys out, you won't regret it!
Anyway.... here is my article for them about why everyone should put the Taj Mahal on their bucket list! Check it out 😊

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A Cheapskate’s Guide to London! My First Solo Published Article!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my very first official job and solo publication was accepted and published by Travelicious world!!!!
This piece is about doing London on the cheap where I have attempted to impart knowledge on how to get thrifty and survive London on a budget! If you want any wisdom about wandering London check out my article here......

A cheapskate's Guide to London

London July 2015

The “no-frills” guide to 5 weeks in India!

OK, so this is an article myself and my travelling partner in crime Beth wrote for our student magazine. We wanted to write a travel piece from a different angle, and the one thing we both thought after returning home, is we found ourselves feeling that either we’d had quite a challenging time in India compared to most, or that people writing travel guides and blogs were maybe trying to get their viewers to see India through rose tinted glasses so to speak. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we ourselves didn't want to scare anyone off going, India as a country is fantastic, but we did want people to know that things will go wrong, you will get scared and frustrated and you will at times want to cry, but that’s OK and is all part of the experience!

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India July 2016, Copyright to Beth Dixon