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I’m back with more blogs I’ve loved reading this month (largely while procrastinating from revising). There’s a real mixed bag, as you’ll see when you start reading, but that’s what I love about the blogging world; there’s literally a blog about EVERYTHING! So I hope you all enjoy this selection, let me know what you think and if you have any blogs to recommend that I try, I’m always on the scout to support fellow bloggers and writers!

So without further ado, Here’s my April Selection!

The full helping – Gena Hamshaw

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Gena is a certified nutritionist and kitched goddess who promotes healthy eating and veganism. Now I’m no vegan and never will be because I love my meat and cheese too much! However, I do think it’s important to cut down on our animal product production and to ensure that which we do buy is from a sustainable and welfare friendly source! As I’ve been trying to eat healthier and cut down my meat intake I’ve been scouting for some great food blogs for some inspiration, and this is one of them!

Why I like this blog: Gena has a bank of amazing recipes, many of which I’ve personally tried and tested, they’re healthy, low cholesterol and down right tasty! Her recipes are easy to follow and great for even an over-enthusiastic cooking simpleton like myself. If you are interested in going the full hog and pledging veganism she also has a  lot of helpful advice on that. Overall this is a great blog for anyone wanting to make some healthy changes, so go get cooking!

Check out her blog at:

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Rock my Style – Charlotte O’Shea

This is a spectacular blog about life, the world and everything. It’s an incredibly refreshing and wholesome blog focusing on family life, food and fashion, to name but a few topics covered.

Why I like this blog: I love Charlotte’s honesty and her ability to look on the bright side. I feel I can connect to a lot of what she’s saying, my favourite post in particular being “Friends are like knickers” it made me giggle, and I totally agree!  I feel Charlotte could find some connection with every woman out there which is why I love her blog! Check out her Bridal Blog, which is where it all began further down the page.

Check out her blog at:

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The Chic Site – Rachel hollis

This is a blog written by an awesome working mama, who blogs about embracing your life, no matter how crazy! She also features amazing tips on basically everything, including blogging!

Why I like this blog: I just love how anything goes with Rachel, like she doesn’t try to be perfect, she embrasses the crazy mindfield of being a woman and helps others do to! There’s a lot of promotion of self-love and re-emphasising just how awesome you are, which I personally think there needs to be more of in the world. I also really loved her blogging tips, there’s definitely a few golden pieces of info there!

Check it out at:

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So the next two blogs have a theme…. and that theme is WEDDINGS!! Now, before any of you get too excited, no, I’m not getting married (I’d need to find a man for that first!) but my best friend, fellow vet student and blogger, Beth is! I have been given the prestigious task of being ‘Maid of Honour’ (queue a lot of fist pumping and happy dancing at my end!), and the perfectionist and OCD organiser in me is chomping at the bit to get started. However, I discovered I know nothing about wedding planning, hen-do organising, or even really what my role as MOH is ( apart from holding the bride’s many layers of tulle up while she pees). So, I  did what any other self-respecting blogger would do in these situations and scope out the same font of knowledge I use with any of my other life’s queries ….. Take to the Bloggersphere!! So that is what I have done and there is so much information out there, in fact I’m thinking of doing a blog post just on wedding blogs, as I’ve found some amazing ones, all with their own flair and style and they’ve all been fantastically useful!

However, here are the two most recent wedding blogs I’ve been perusing, both of which I’ve enjoyed and really found useful, not only for the bride to-be, but for any MOH like me that wants to plan an awesome hen party and make her bride one happy bunny!

Rock My Wedding

This one is written by Charlotte O’Shea, a woman my own planning goddess bows to and also founder of the lifestyle blog rock my style ( see above). She writes about all things wedding, if you can’t find it on here then I don’t know where you will!

Why I like this blog: It is beautifully laid out, everything is so effortless to find, which lazy me definitely approves of and the layout gives off an air of effortless class. Here any prospective bride will find everything she needs for planning her big day, there’s even a list of suppliers, ideas for themes and DIY tips and my personal favourite….Features of real life weddings from the sublime to the downright unusual!

Check out her blog at: 

Copyright to Rock My Wedding

Bespoke Bride – Emily Pettiford & Jessica Turley

This blog is great for the quirky and creative bride. It’s bright, fun-loving and a little different from the other wedding blogs out there. Here you’ll find everything you need if you’re a quirky bride who want’s to bring something unique to her wedding.

Why I like this blog: This blog has creativity in abundance, which I LOVE! There’s some great Ideas and the ladies have a fab writing style. I love that they’ve embraced the DIY and wedding s on a budget theme which some of the wedding blogs turn a blind eye to, favouring the latest trends at high-end prices. These girls have the mantra of; as long as it’s fun, anything goes!

Check it out at:

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So, there you have it, my April selection of amazing blogs to check out. If you crave more content check out my March blogs addition too here…


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