What better way to document an adventure than with a few piccies.....


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Girls on Tour - Spending Summer in Eastern Europe

After four long years of hectic schedules, myself and my much-loved vet girls finally managed to take our first girls holiday!! It was a cultural and culinary trip seeing the sights of Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna and my camera's first trip abroad!

My Wild Summer - What this baby-vet gets up to on placement!

As a budding zoo vet in the making and lover of all things exotic, I spent summer 2017 at various zoos across the UK.

Aspinal Foundation

Chester Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Wandering in Wales - A Family Affair

In Summer 2017 the French Family embarked on a family adventure to spend a week in Wales.

When you're on nights and can't sleep in the day...Visit the aquarium!

After multiple failed attempts to sleep during daylight hours (not my thing apparently) while spending a week on night shifts at the equine hospital.... One bored baby-vet after feeling inspired by watching Finding Dory headed to the Blue Planet Aquarium to scope out some fishes. I can contest this is incredibly good for ones zen!

A week of Sun, Sea and Sisters in Menorca