What better way to document your travels than with a camera?!

A picture really is worth 1000 words! Here are a few galleries documenting my various adventures with friends and family and is also a feature for my new hobby, photography! I'm by no means an expert but I'm enjoying learning and taking my own good quality photos as I travel.

**Not all photos in this gallery are taken by meunless stated otherwise so if you're interested in using any of the images on my site please email travelsofababyvet@outlook.com to ask!

French Family Wandering Wales

This summer we decided to take a cheap and cheerful break to North Wales. I can honestly say I couldn't recommend this underappreciated gem enough to anyone fancying a cheap escape!

Blue Planet Aquarium, Chester

How does a bored vet student entertain herself when all her housemates are holidaying? Watch Finding Dory and be inspired to take a solo trip to the aquarium of course!

Skiing Holiday Val Thorens, French Alps

During our Christmas break December 2016, I had my first skiing experience. I'm glad to report that not only did my uncoordinated little self live to tell the tale, but I also LOVED it!

Sisterly Shinnanigans in Majorca

Sometimes a family holiday is in order.
I jet-setted once again for a week of sun, sand and sea straight after my return from my adventures in India. A week of chilling by the pool-side was just what the Dr ordered to recover from the chaos of India!

India 2016

In July 2016, myself and travelling partner in crime, Beth embarked on a mission across time zones to Jaipur, India to spend a month working for a charity neutering and vaccinating street dogs against Rabies. I can honestly say it was one of the most fantastic experiences I have had to date and well and truly released the travel-bug in me!

The French Family Infiltrates the Capital

2015 Saw us a bit strapped for cash, so... for our family holiday we did a budget trip down to London and it was fantastic!

Amsterdam 2015

A few snaps from our trip to Europe's city of sin....