So, I guess this is essentially a life update! A lot has changed in the last few months; 2 of my best friends are getting married ( and I’m a maid of honour twice over!!), a number of members of our little gang have taken their first steps onto the property ladder and for the first terrifying time in our lives we are leaving the safety of student-hood behind and are emerging into the world of work!! That’s right, we are all going to be fully fledged working vets ( so lock up your animals people! ….I’m just kidding they’re in safe hands I promise!)! So this left me to pondering, am I even a baby-vet any more?! But then I decided that I still have a lot to learn about the profession and the first few years in practice will well and truly be accompanied by training wheels so I’m not quite ready to give up my baby-vet title for now!

Stood outside our last ever uni house
Stood outside,about to leave our last ever uni house!

So let me tell you a little about my new job…. I’m happy to report I’ll be staying firmly seated in the North of England and I’m relieved that all my closest friends and family are all nearby. I cannot express how important my uni family are to me, what an irreplaceable part of my support network they are and how much I’m sure we’re going to need each other in the next coming years. They are the people who will laugh at my mistakes, kick me up the arse when necessary and love me no matter what (and I will always extend them the same courtesies) I say or do! I really hope the next chapter brings them all so much happiness and adventure and that we still find time to touch base even though we don’t live within spitting distance of each other any more! Anyway, I got a little side tracked with the mushy stuff….So, my new job! I’m excited that I will be working in genuine mixed practice spending half my time looking after the small furries we all love as pets and the other half with my wellies on looking after our farm animals! It’s going to be a steep learning curve, but I’m confident that my new practice will be there to support me and I feel well and truly part of the team already!

I hope you’ll all stay with me to ride out the next chapter of my life, through the laughter, tears and tantrums there will no doubt be in my transition into true adulthood! But for now I’m getting prepped for my epic adventure travelling South America (more on that later!).

The Best Friends a Girl Could Ask For!
The Best Friends a Girl Could Ask For!
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