I had an amazing time on my Local Guddy tour today with Andi. This Was my first solo trip to London and having the sense of direction equivalent to that of a hedgehog on space cake, I really needed a baby-sitter! As luck would have it, I was contacted by one of the masterminds behind Local Guddy, asking if I’d like to essentially “test-drive” one of their tours… yes please! Local Guddy is an online tour guide agency which utilises the knowledge of locals in an area to provide a variety of tours to suit all holiday-makers and traveller’s tastes. When offered a tour I went on their website and was truly spoiled for choice, there were historical tours, tours for fashionistas and foodies, child friendly, pet friendly, you name it they had it! I decided I wanted to be a traditionalist and see the main historic sights London has to offer, most of which I have spectacularly managed to miss on my previous visits (a very poor show from me), so settled on Andi’s ‘Westminster; A Royal City’ tour which seemed to hit all the big landmarks I had in mind. Within the first ten minutes I was confident I was in capable hands as he revealed he’d lived in London for over 20 years and had been involved in the tourism industry for many of these. Not only did he give me a well-needed history lesson about my own Capital, but he gave me advice on which attractions he recommended I go to as we passed them. He also ensured I didn’t get mowed down by one of the many gun-ho taxi drivers in the city as it appears I have quite a casual attitude towards traffic and pelican crossings. His tour was informative, interesting and full of information with a few funny little stories thrown in to keep it light-hearted. This kind chap also went out of his way to walk me half the distance to the lyceum theatre where I was booked in to watch the Lion King Musical at the West end (Eeeeeeek!!But that’s a separate matter altogether) so that I didn’t get lost (I would have definitely wound up that way if he hadn’t!). My only slight criticism of Andi would be his photography skills, I mean I did feel for the bloke when I thrust my big Canon camera at him and told him to get snapping while I posed in front of various landmarks, but it would have been nice to have had more pictures with me in them for momentous. My advice for his future tours would be to volunteer to take pictures of people, the more you use different cameras and phones to take shots, the better you get at knowing where you need to stand to get good photos. Remember these are the days of social media and Instagram so everyone will think back on you favourably if you took nice photos of them on their holiday! However, other than that, which is an absolutely minute criticism, I really enjoyed my tour with Andi and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about the history of our fantastic capital!

I would absolutely recommend booking a walking tour when trying to tackle any big city as a traveller, it’s a fab way to get your bearings, pick your guide’s brains for local tips and knowledge and take note of things you want to see. I would definitely recommend Local Guddy, as who better than to show you around a place than a local?! They are inexpensive, family friendly and are now expanding to other cities in Europe. Give these guys time, I’m betting they’ll be global!

Visit their site to check out their tours at: https://www.localguddy.com/

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