Conquering Countries One Scratch at a Time

So...... For Christmas, one of my housemates thoughtfully got me a colour scratch map as a gift so I could monitor how much of the world my little feet had conquered ( I am aware of how Napoleon-esque that sounds).

So..... I thought it'd be an interesting idea to track my progress via my blog so you guys can experience my travels with me!

For those of you that have not yet encountered a scratch map, this is what you're dealing with ....This Image was taken from Brilliant Maps : Luckies of London Scratch Map – Deluxe Edition


You can buy these bad-boys from a number of quirky stores online and I think it's a pretty great way for wanderers to track their travel progress.

My own map looks sadly sparse at the moment but I'm hoping to change that in the not too distant future!

Happy Scratching Everyone!

My Travels so Far….

3 Continents in counting.....


Planning My Next Adventures…

Here is a list of my next few planned adventures abroad....

June 2018 - Grad Holiday, Bulgaria

July 2018 - Denmark

July 2018 - Walt Disney World, Florida, Dad's 50th

August 2018 - Post-graduation travels: SOUTH AMERICA!! Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Mexico!!

I haven't travelled everywhere.... But it's on my list!