On the vet degree at Liverpool, you spend your first three years living ‘the student life’ in the city centre at the main university campus, and your final two years out at the university’s sister campus, Leahurst. It has now reached that turning point in my degree where myself and my course mates are all making the move out to Neston on the Wirral to begin our clinical studies (scary!) and today was moving day.

The house myself and my three veterinary sisters will share for the next two years is …… interesting. It is a beautifully quirky traditional cottage with a bright red front door, winding staircases, cosy rooms and is conveniently placed right in the middle of Neston and a ten-minute drive from Leahurst (excellent for nights on call at the hospital). However, all student houses seem to have their own “challenges” and our new little cottage has a few…. Firstly, there is a damp problem which has to be controlled by dehumidifiers everywhere and keeping the heating on year-round (though as the coldest person alive, I’m not complaining about that one!) which racks up the utility bill. Problem number 2: the noise; As we are situated on the main road with single glazing windows we hear EVERYTHING from the street below and all the bedrooms face the roadside. I am currently being …. I’m not sure serenaded is the correct word as the singing coming from the pub karaoke evening across the road isn’t exactly soothing … or in tune! A very personal problem is my bed, I feel like the previous owner, for one reason or another has been incredibly ….”vigorous” with it resulting in it being in an incredibly fragile state and threatens to buckle every time I go to sit on it (I would like to point out I am a mere 50kg so a double bed should be able to easily tackle my weight!). An additional issue is we seem to have an invasion of moths which have been snacking on the carpets and like to smack you in the face when you enter a room, moth balls are in order I believe!

I have to say though I do find moving house tedious, I have not yet been in a student house that has been professionally cleaned (as always promised) which means rolling up our sleeves and doing it ourselves. Now call me picky but I hate thinking I’m living in other people’s filth so that initial clean has to be incredibly thorough. The cleaning of this house was a particular chore (Fred added to the insult by running off with cleaning utensils and mongy bits of canine skeleton left by the previous students) as was lugging all my worldly possessions to the attic bedroom, my new abode for the next two years. However now I am settled in and the house has had a clean, I think I am going to come to love this quirky little cottage!


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