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So, I know a lot of you enjoy reading about myself and my friend’s veterinary escapades so I thought I’d share my housemate and fellow vet student’s blog on here(what can I say, I miss her and I’ve just watched her like a proud mum on a webinar speak about her adventures vetting abroad so wanted to give her a little shout out!). She’s currently surviving the Arctic conditions studying on the ERASMUS+ student exchange programme in Oslo, Norway (something I would have loved to have done but just wasn’t as brave as Beth about actually doing it!). In her blog posts she’s spoke about the differences in work-life balance, what she’s been getting up to outside of vet school and a few funny little anecdotes about her time in Oslo. She’s also been and done some very other cool things too ……Like being my travel partner on our Indian adventure (which you’ll all be sick of hearing about now!) and lots of other amazing things, what can I say? She’s a pretty cool girl (that’s why I like her so much)! Although we miss her very much (absence really DOES make the heart grow fonder!) she’s been doing some fantastic things and has written about her experience so far on her blog. If you enjoy tapping into what life is like at vet school then you’ll enjoy hearing about her European adventures (she also takes some AMAZING photos)!


Meet Beth: Here’s a picture of her taking part in a webinar conference speaking about her experiences abroad!


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