If you are in search of an influencer with access to a thriving, niche community and a relatable and humourous writing style to appeal to your target audience, you are in the right place!

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I have developed multiple ways to promote companies and products who’s ethos I support and I am flexible and comfortable working closely with a brand to best accommodate their needs.

Please note that I always review products with 100% honesty and I may respectfully decline any  products I do not feel fits my ethos or blog style. I will always state if an item or experience has been gifted by adding a disclaimer.

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We had the chance to have Jessica aboard the Wanderbus for around 10 days, so she could share her experience by writing blogs and sharing content on social media.  The content she produced both in social media and the blog was of great quality,  What I liked the most was all the recommendations she gave us base on her experience that will help our business grow. We found it very useful to have the female solo traveler perspective, that is of great value for our target group. In general we had a very pleasant experience with her – Nicolas Ponce, General Manager, Wanderbus

Through my blog I often work with a variety of brands and companies to create content for you as a reader, and to review and advertise products and experiences. I work with companies that I feel for my audience and my blog and I feel fit my interests and ethos. All sponsored posts and products or experiences I have received with a discount or payment are highlighted. I am always 100% honest in my product reviews and gifted items and experiences do not warp any of my opinions. I pride myself on providing information which is trustworthy, accurate, well researched and up to date at the time of posting.
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